The DIY Teleprompter Text Reverserator

by Steve Cooley

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DIY teleprompter text reverserator

written in the year 2005

by steve cooley with critical parts contributing to it's functionality by: - nice Public Domain font! woot! Thank you!
Heh, that is awesome! The attribution is fine (none required, but I appreciate it anyway). I'm adding a link to my fonts page. -T
inspired by: which pointed me to: which reminded me of:
That is very cool and would be very useful to someone who doesn't want to edit HTML. A do-it yourself teleprompter for people who don't code. Very slick, will certainly mention in my next installment. Thanks Steve! Best, Max
And, of course, my wonderful wife, whom I'm always trying to impress. :) hey, Max Rottersman and Brian P. Lawler, this script is for you! This is a utility that takes your text and prepares it for your DIY teleprompter rig. You can check it out here, but, I extremely, highly, recommend, wait.. No, MUST INSIST that you download it and run it on your own >= php 4.3.4 machine. Like most everything on the Mac, this is easy. Install Marc Liyanage's php module, turn on personal web sharing and you're essentially set. BUT, helping you get online with PHP apache, etc, etc, etc... is welllll past the scope of this utility. If you need help getting PHP to run, try the free tech support forums at or on the user forum.
document history:
2005-03-28 - initial release